News from the studio

We’re in the final stages of mixing the new album. It’s nearly a year since laid down the drums and the process has been long but we’re extremely proud of the result and can’t wait for you to hear it!

Asle has done an amazing job cleaning up the massive amount of tracks and doing the better half of the mixing. Throughout April and May we’ll work closely with our engineer finishing the mixes and adding some last overdubs where it’s needed. We’ll keep you informed during this last part of the process and soon…. soon you’ll get to hear it!


  • Michal Says

    Sounds great! We waiting for new album!
    Happy Easter
    Greeting from Poland 😉

    [Happy Easter Michal! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • mj Says

    Great news! Already can’t wait, I am sure the album will be awesome (:
    And then maybe some shows? [speaking of which – do not forget Poland]

    [We hope to visit Poland very soon! Cheers! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Peter Says

    It will be great like the previous, i’m shure.

    you guys makes great awsome music!!

    I hope some tour and maybe in Belgium???
    Hope to see you guys once live.

    Greetings from Belgium.


    [Glad you enjoy our music Peter! Thanks for your support! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Alex Says

    That’s really amazing news !!! Your music is just wonderful and I can’t wait for the new album. Keep on the good work guys – you have many fans in Bulgaria too !!!

    [Thanks for your support Alex! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • James Says

    Really excited to hear more from you guys…you’re an inspiration!

    [Thank you James! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Yoonson Says

    waiting impatiently – pozdrawiam z Polski :]

    [So are we :) Final stage of the mixing now and we’re soon ready. – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Daniel Says

    Hi guys,

    can’t wait to hear the new album. I’ve been waiting eagerly since the last one 😉

    Do you have any tours planned? Heading to Holland again? Would be great, cause I’m still a bit bummed for missing it the last time.



    [Hi Daniel! We hope to be able to visit Holland very soon. We’ll announce possible dates as soon as we have something confirmed. Cheers! Bjorn/Airbag]

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