New album recording sessions

As announced a couple of weeks ago on our official Facebook page, we’ll be entering the studio to record our third album and the follow-up to All Rights Removed. The sessions will start Thursday 20 September.


We’ll be doing the majority of the recordings at Subsonic Society here in Oslo, with Vegard Sleipnes in control of the technical stuff. Vegard produced the All Rights Removed album and did the new remixes for the ARR and Identity vinyls released earlier this year.

Henrik will be laying down the drum tracks for all the songs during a two weeks time. By early October, we’ll start recording all the other instruments and vocals and, eventually, tackle the huge job of producing and mixing everything.


It’s way too early to say anything about a possible release date but we’ll keep you posted along the way. This blog and our Facebook page will see frequent updates throughout the process, including exclusive pictures, YouTube clips, personal notes and lots more!

Stay tuned!


  • Reidar H Says

    So looking forward to this album. Was introduced to Airbag @Marillion support in Oslo. It was a really great set. Looking forward to see you live again. Sooner rather than late!

    [Thanks for your support Reidar! We have great memories from the show in Oslo! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Can’t wait for album No. 3 guys. Best of luck in the studio!

    [Thanks Eric! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Karol Says

    I cant wait ur 3rd album! Best wishes and good luck.
    Btw. i rly like above photo from studio. Could anyone send me a link to it in a higher resolution? (1440/900)

    [Thanks! The pic is taken from the studio’s web site. There’s a link in the post. Cheers! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Hans K. Aspenberg Says

    I would rather say; keep up the good work! My expectations are stellar for this new album!

    [We have a lot to live up to then! Thanks a lot for your support! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Flow Says

    I’ve seen you at the “Night of the Prog” Festival this year at Loreley, Germany! Loved it!
    Hope to see you there again in the next years!!!

    Greetings from germany!!!

    [We had great time in Loreley and hope to be back soon! Cheers! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Hey Guys,
    Looking forward to the new songs. Have fun recording!
    Hope I can hear the band live again in Holland some day?

    Rene van Dalen (Holland)
    ps I had a lot of fun playing the solo in White walls…a beautifull song.

    [Thanks for your support, Rene! We hope to be back soon! Always a great experience to play in Holland! – Bjorn]

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