Identity vinyl release August 14!

At last! Our debut album Identity is finally being released on vinyl! Release date August 14.

All eight songs have been completely remixed and the result is quite amazing! The release features double heavy weight 180g vinyl and new cover artwork by French artist, Frédéric Peynet, who also did the illustration for the All Rights Removed cover.

Identity was released in early 2009. It comprises eight songs previously released on two of our first EPs, Sounds that I Hear and Safetree (now discontinued). The album was received by rave reviews from both press and fans and it’s still reaching new listeners. Classic Rock Magazine said about the album: “Reminiscent of a late-nite, laid-back Pink Floyd. A serene, elegant offering.” Identity feature several songs that are still in our live repertoire, including Steal My Soul, Sounds That I Hear and Colours.

Pre-order information is coming soon!


  • antonio Says

    great notice! i cant wait for this release!!
    thanks for your good music

  • Yoonson Says

    I’m from Poland.
    I do not speak Norwegian, I use google translator – so sorry for the language.
    For a long time listening to your album >> Identity <<. I'm enchanted! Listening to "Steal My Soul" hard to refrain from tears …
    Your work, your Art is at the forefront.
    whole album is unusual, mysterious and velvety. bravo!
    in late June and July I will be in Norway, looking for music store like yours.
    greetings from Polish.

    [Thanks a lot for your kind words Yoonson! Glad you enjoy our music! The new album will be released sometime this autumn. Stay tuned :) – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • John Ridgley Says

    What a fantastic lp ‘All rights removed’ is!! got it on vinyl out of curiousity and i am really, really impressed!!! Can’t wait to get ‘Identity’ on vinyl and wonder if you guys are coming to the UK? I will ask the people at ‘Summers end’ festival to book you for next year!! Looking forward to my family holiday in Norway in August! Best regards to you all, John R.

    [Thanks for your kind words and support, John! We’d love to visit UK :) Have a nice trip to Norway with your family! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • bardia Says

    your music is great and your style is really good and we love it.
    im from tehran and you have alot of fans in iran.

    [Thanks for your support! We are proud to have fans in Iran! – Bjorn]

  • Great to read that the vinyl is being released soon now. Can’t wait to order a copy. We never heard of Airbag before until the Lorely festival. What a sound, and what a album ! Wonder how the next album will be. This is a wonderfull liveband, with high potential.
    Please keep going and never let (this kind of…) the music die.

    Greeting PJT

    [Thanks for your kind words and support, Peter! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Mads Says

    It’s the 14. august today…waiting to buy a record… but it’s not in the shop. It is today, isn’t it? 😉

    [Hi Mads! The vinyl is indeed released today. We have some issues with the shop at the moment but please try again later this day. Thanks for your support! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Mads Says

    Purchased…waiting to hear the record 😉

    [Thank you Mads! Love to hear what you think of the new mix :) Bjorn/Airbag]

  • sven tore sandanger Says

    Kjøpte vinylen deres for noen måneder siden, og den går jevnlig på plate spilleren.
    Må få gratulere dere med et helt supert album som gir gåsehud langt opp over ryggen:) håper dere snart skal på veien igjen og tar turen til Stavanger eller i nærheten:)
    Gleder meg til fortsettelsen.
    Hilsen Sven tore

    [Takk for hyggelig melding, Sven Tore! Vi håper å kunne gjøre flere konserter i Norge iløpet av det nærmeste året. – Bjørn/Airbag]

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