Airbag to support Marillion!

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ll support Marillion on three shows during their Scandinavian tour this summer!

Friday 27 July Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark
Saturday 28 July Trägårn, Gothenburg, Sweden
Tuesday 31 july Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway

More details here:


  • Salvo Says

    Much compliments guys. You should be very excited, I guess …. :-) . For sure you deserve it …. and more.
    Keep on rock !!!

    Greetings from Italy

  • bruno Says

    hello Bjorn
    this is what you expect as i guess and what you deserve!!
    all the best for these evenings.
    greetings from Bergerac(France)

    [Thank you, Bruno! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Mads Says

    Saw and heard you in Amager Bio in Copenhagen yesterday. As an Old Pink Floyd / Marillion fan, I consider my self hard to impress. You guys did!! Great music. Tak!

    [Hi Mads! Thanks for your kind words! Great to hear that we made an impression :) We had a great time in Copenhagen! – Bjorn]

  • Morten Greiersen Says

    Hi guys,

    Congratulations with your super performance in Copenhagen – it was a very positive surprise. I’m looking forward to hear more from you in the future.

    Best regards
    Morten Greiersen

    [Thanks a lot for you kind words, Morten! We hope to be back in Copenhagen very soon! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Leif Erik Larsen Says

    Saw you supporting Marillion at Rockefeller yesterday. You performed very well. I have just ordered your two records from Keep on making and performing great music! :-)

    [Thanks for your kind words and support, Leif Erik! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Janne Löfroth Says

    Hello guys! Is there any plans for a further tour in the future?
    Didnt make it to your Marillionsupport act,i had tickets to Oslo but couldnt go….
    Looking forward to see/hear you live playing your fantastic music!

    [Hi Janne! There are no immediate touring plans at the moment. We’ll be working on new material for awhile now but hope to do some shows in Scandinavia sometime early next year. – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Martin Curtis Says

    Will you be supporting Marillion on their UK leg of the Tour, or when can we see you in the UK.

    [Hi Martin. There was only these three shows in Scandinavia. We don’t have any plans for UK at the moment but hope to visit very soon! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Morten S Says

    Saw and heard you for the first time at Rockefeller the other day, supporting Marillion. You guys really impressed me! I immediately bought both of your albums on vinyl at the show, – great music, thanks!
    Vennlig hilsen /Morten

    [Thanks a lot for your kind words and support, Morten! Setter veldig pris på det :) – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • luca Says

    I know and i love your fantastic and touching music, i’d like to see you on stage in Italy or in Switzerland soon.
    Take the progressive flame burning !
    Luca (Italy)

    [Thank you Luca! Hope to visit your country soon! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Ivar Tangeraas Says

    Great performance in Oslo with Marillion! I loved it. I have been a fan of Marillion and Pink floyd for many years, but you are truly one of my new favorits… All the best to you! Best regard/Ivar

    [Thanks a lot, Ivar! We had a great time at Rockefeller! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Janne Löfroth Says

    Washing and polishing my truck today and playing “The sounds that i hear” on repeat for 4 hours,i wont get tired of this song,just love it !!! Greetings from Sweden !

    [Thanks for your support, Janne! Hope the truck looks nice :) – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Evgeniy Says

    you are great band !me and more piople waiting you in Russia,in Moscow

    [Thanks for your kind words and support Evgeniy! We’re glad to know that we have fans in Russia as well! Spasiba! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Evgeniy Says

    Are there any plans to visit Russia airbag with performance?

    [No plans at the the moment. – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Chris Says

    When will Airbag come to North American shores? more specifically Canada! We are dying to see Airbag live!

    [Hi Chris! Thanks for your support! No plans at the moment but we’d love to come over to North America one day :) – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Ron Says

    Hi, I saw/heard you at the loreley festival in july! Great performance !
    Are there any plans for a dvd/blu ray in the near future ? Would be great I think ; your music deserves it.

    best wishes ,


    [Hi Ron! Thanks for your kind words! We had a great time in Loreley! There are no plans at the moment for a DVD but who knows for the future :) Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Alexandr Says

    Guys, your music is great, it is magical and inspiring. Tell me and what groups you have any advice for your fans who love your music. Maybe Pink floyd, Anathema or Riverside. Tell me what to focus on.
    Alexandr from Russia, Moscow region.

    [Hi Alexandr! Thanks for your kind words and support! We listen to a lot of different stuff. We saw NoMan last night in London, UK. Great music and a great show. Check them out :) Bjorn/Airbag]

  • George (London) Says

    Hi guys
    Recently bought your two albums after listening to samples of the tracks on Itunes. I think the albums are excellent. Very well done. Great sound and atmospheres that take you on wonderful musical adventures. Are you planning to make a further album/s and tours? I very much hope so.

    [Hi George! Thanks for your kind words and support! We’ve just announced that we’ll start recording our third album in a couple of weeks. The release is planned for late 2013. Check us out on Facebook and get all the latest news! – Bjorn/Airbag]

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