Airbag #5 in Poland!

We’re very proud to see that Colours from our debut album Identity is currently at #5 on the national Polish Radio’s third channel (Trójka) hit-list! A huge surprise to say the least! We had a great time in Poland in September last year playing at the Ino Rock festival and realized then that the song was definitive favourite among the crowd.

Check out the list here.

Wielkie dzięki za wasze wsprarcie i głosy oddane na nasz utwór!


  • Stempel Says

    Congratulations. Colours is currently at #3 of national Polish Radio’s third channel hit list. I am very proud of You =]
    today (Fri, 28.01) You have next chance to beat this position.
    Maybe it will be top of the list. =]

    [We’re extremely proud to have a hit in Poland and we’ll follow the list with great interest :) Cheers! – Bjorn]

  • cainamar Says

    I hope you guys will become more popular in Poland, I found out yours music just by Trójka’s hit-list and since then I’m in love in it. Great job!

    [Thanks for your support! – Bjorn]

  • mj Says

    The song didn’t maintain the 3rd position and landed one place lower last week [despite our heroic efforts (; ]. Bit we will fight back! :) Greetings.

    [Too bad but we’re very proud nevertheless and very grateful for all your support! – Bjorn]

  • Krzysiek Says

    Come to Poland soon! Your music is great and inspiring

    [We’re working on the new album and hope to have it out very soon. Hopefully we’ll be able to visit Poland again this year to promote the album. Cheers! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Daniel Says

    Hi guys…

    Wow…Very nice to see that your music is really being appreciated. A top 3 hit isn’t a small thing!



    [Thank you Daniel! We’re honoured! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Dorota Says

    Congratulations! Your music is marvellous…
    I’m listening to Trójka now – COLOURS simply took my breath away.
    Looking forward to see you soon in Poland :)

    [Thank you! We hope to see you soon :) – Bjorn]

  • Piotrek Says

    Hello, I really like your music and I am interested in buying the CD. It is digipack or jewelcase? I mean: a box can easily destroy? The most damaged discs in my collection, it is digipack, hence my question. Regards from Poland 😉

    [Hi Piotrek! We have a very few left of the limited edition jewel case with a slip paper case. Please place your order using our web shop and we’ll have the CD sent over ASAP. Thanks! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Piotrek Says

    Limited edition? Oh, it is what I really love 😀 Order is complete, money send, so I wait for CD. Thanks!

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  • Piotrek Says

    “Identifity” just arrived, so I have little contest for You 😀

    Find it! 😀

    [Nice! Cool picture! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • roksa Says

    Congratulations! Your music is super.

    [Thank you! – Bjorn/Airbag]

  • Yoonson Says

    przykleiłem się do tego albumu i ni cholery nie mogę się uwolnić z tej słodkiej niewoli.

    [Dziękuję, Yoonson! – Bjorn/Airbag]

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