All Rights Removed

Airbag’s second album, All Rights Removed, sees the band moving in a more conceptual direction with long, dramatic themes, heavier guitars and stellar keyboards. It took the band nearly two years to write and produce the album, but the effort payed off. Both the fans and the press hailed it as a strong follow-up to the debut, much due to the 17 minute long Homesick (part I-III). This is also the first release with Henrik Fossum on drums. All Rights Removed received six album of the year 2011 awards and numerous top ranking listings.

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United Kingdom: Burning Shed
European Union: Plastic Head
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United States: Amazon
BeNeLux: Bol
Poland: Rockservis

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White Walls live

The track White Walls performed live at Borgen Studios in Oslo.


A heartfelt and elegantly crafted album that teethers knowingly and expertly between fragile splendour and outright bombast.

Classic Rock

Also on double vinyl

All Rights Removed is also available on vinyl. This is a limited release featuring an analog re-mix on double 180g vinyl in an exclusive gatefold cover.

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Best Prog Album 2011

All Rights Removed has been voted best Prog Album of 2011 by:
Progwereld (Holland)
Rockella (Poland)
ProgRock Poland (Poland)
Psychedelia Music E-Zine (Iran)
Dante’s Prog Blog Inferno (UK)