Release concert in Oslo June 10th

We’re celebrating the release of our fourth album, Disconnected, on Friday June 10th at John Dee in Oslo, Norway. It will be a night to remember, with old and new songs, we’ll be signing the new album and we’ll also be joined by our friends Oak.

Don’t miss out!

Tickets are on sale now through this link:

Let us know if you’re travelling from abroad and need assistance with booking tickets for the event, hotels etc.


New album Disconnected out June 10th!

We’re very pleased to announce that our new album, titled Disconnected, will be released June 10th on Karisma Records.

After nearly two and a half years since The Greatest Show on Earth, a trip around the planet, solo project and other collaborations, we’re back with a brand new album that undoubtedly is our best yet. We’ve spent nearly a year writing, recording and mixing and we really couldn’t be more proud of the result!

Disconnected feature six songs reflecting on the theme of alienation between the individual and society, what society expects from us as individuals, and our resultant failure to live up to those expectations. Each of the six compositions depicts the state of feeling on ‘the outside’ and out of touch with oneself and those around us.

Musically, we’ve explored new sounds and ventured deeper into creating soundscapes, textures and dramatic arrangements.

Disconnected will be available on limited edition CD, double vinyl and digital download.

Stay tuned for pre-order information, cover artwork and more details.

Pre-order Bjørn’s upcoming solo album!

Bjørn’s debut solo album, Lullabies in a Car Crash, is set for release on November 3rd. It is now possible to place pre-orders and get your copies signed over at Bjørn’s own web site.

The album will be available as a CD digisleeve/vinyl replica and a luxurious double 180g vinyl.

Visit and order your copy now!